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Forth SEO specialise in local SEO. If you have a business in Edinburgh or East Lothian then you have come to the right place. We concentrate on the Edinburgh and East Lothian area as most of our clients come from there, however we can optimise websites for other areas too .

Unless you are selling goods nationally then it makes sense be found in your local area.  It is easier to be found with the keywords “East Lothian seo” or “Edinburgh web design” rather than just “seo” or “web design”.

Remember it takes time to improve rankings.  When you move above a competitor they may well use SEO techniques to try and regain their position. There are things which can be done to improve your ranking on Google but improvements will not happen overnight. To complicate matters search engines constantly change their mind as to which aspects of a website they consider to be important. Those changes to their algorithms mean that SEO techniques have to change too.

At Forth SEO we check that your site is optimised so that it might attract as many visitors as possible. We check that your site complies with the latest web standards and the pages load as quickly as possible. We can offer advice regarding web design and on how a new, mobile friendly responsive web design might improve your rankings.

SEO from only £50 a month

If we build it .. they will come

Ethical SEO

At Forth SEO we Only ever Use “Ethical SEO”. Methods that will not get your site penalised by Google.

No Cheating

SEO is an ongoing process. We are in it for the long haul. The trick is go up the rankings .. and then stay there.

WordPress ?

You don’t need to have a WordPress site. At Forth SEO we optimise sites built using HTML, WordPress and Joomla.

Web Design

Good web design is the first part of SEO. At Forth SEO we can update an old site or build you a new one.

Why you should get optimised …

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of making a website more visible on internet search engines. In other words making it rank higher. You want your website to be found by people local to you. That could be Edinburgh, East Lothian or anywhere else. The higher a website is listed/ranked on Google, Bing or Yahoo, the greater the chance that people will click on it. The more people that click on it the greater the opportunity to increase sales and improve brand awareness.

Getting on to the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo is the ultimate goal of SEO. By getting listed on page 1 a website will gain more interest. More people will click on page 1 listings compared to other pages of results.

However you need to remember SEO should be for the long haul. Avoid those SEO “experts” that offer a quick fix. They may use what are called “black hat” techniques. Using these techniques your website can quickly jump up the rankings, however when Google realise what has been done you will quickly go back down again and may even be barred from their ranking system.

How Do I Get On The First Page Of Google?

There are many reasons why Google might put you on their first page and there are reasons why they will not. Is your website mobile friendly ? How has your website been built ? How relevant is the content on your website to the question being asked by the searcher ? How “trustworthy” is your site ? Do you have an SSL certificate? How many competitors do you have ?

Google prefers websites that are mobile friendly. If yours is not then it is a good idea to update it now. Websites can be built in many different ways. They may look good when viewed on screen but it is the code behind the scenes that is important. If that code is badly created then your website will struggle to achieve a good ranking.

If there are a lot of websites that are equally relevant, what makes your website “trustworthy” enough to be displayed above them ? Google “trusts” websites that have some age to them and are linked to social networking sites. A new domain might struggle to rank against others that are well established.

A Page 1 ranking is normally achievable but it may take time and dedication. Ranking on Page 1 locally, perhaps for the Edinburgh area will be easier than trying to rank on Page 1 for all of Scotland, for all of Great Britain, or for the whole world. If you get on Page 1 you then you need to try and stay there.

Effective SEO can help your website achieve all this. At Forth SEO we will try our best to get your website onto Page 1, but nothing can ever be guaranteed.

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